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COCO Bidet

COCO BIDET ROUND 9500RS Electronic Toilet Seat Bidet - On-Demand Heated Water - Remote Control - Jet Wash - UL Listed

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Coco Bidet 9500RS Round


Coco Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat

- 9500RS with Remote Control

Fits Most Round One or Two Piece Toilet Bowls
(MSRP $1089.00)

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Dear Friends,

I personally own a Coco electronic seat Bidet and I love it!! 

I never fully realized all the health benefits, convenience and luxury of a bidet till we installed our bidet in the master bath.

And remember to save your old seat in case you ever move because you will want to take your Coco Bidet with you!

Most cordially,

Daria Novak

Decorate With Daria, Inc.

Bio Life Technologies is the world renowned bidet company and manufacturer of the COCO bidet. Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best in technology while at the same time focusing on aesthetics.

The elegant and state of the art COCO 9500RS can fit most existing ROUND toilets except one piece toilets with a French curve tank.

(For Elongated shaped toilets see our 9500R model)

Although the COCO bidet is very elegant in design, what is more impressive is its technology. We used the best materials available so that the COCO bidet would last for years to come. The COCO bidet is made of a patented antibacterial composite to help prevent bacteria.  

Our primary concern when developing the COCO bidet is your comfort and hygiene. The COCO redefines the meaning of state of the art. The COCO bidet boasts some of the best technology that is available at an affordable price.

The COCO bidet is easy to install and maintain and can fit almost any ROUND toilet without a curved tank.

The COCO bidet comes with a full one year warranty and 3 year limited warranty.

The COCO 9500RS improves the appearance of any bathroom. You use the bathroom 365 days per year. You owe it to yourself to experience a whole new level of healthy hygiene and spa comfort. Experience the luxury Coco bidet difference.

Features and Functions

Coco 9500RS Round Shape - White Color Only

The COCO 9500RS is a masterpiece of technology and aesthetics. The 4 user preset  digital remote control allows you to customize the functions of the water pressure, temperature, heated seat, and even has a function designed for children.

The COCO 9500RS can fit most existing Round toilets.


Coco 9500RS will NOT fit Elongated Bowl shapes

(For Elongated shaped toilets see our 9500R model)


The COCO 9500RS comes with a patented IIP (Intensive Impulse Pulsation) feature that helps with constipation. 

  • Aluminum Metal Coated Jet Nozzle - Self Cleaning
  • Round Shaped Toilets Only
  • Convenient Remote Control
  • Tankless w/Never Ending Warm Water
  • Self Cleaning
  • 4 Remote Control User Presets
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • IIP Function
  • Kids Function
  • Oscillating Cleansing
  • Enema Jet Function
  • Auto Feature
  • Intelligent Power Saving
  • Deodorizer
  • Splash Guard
  • Heated Seat
  • Soft Closing Antibacterial Seat
  • Easy Detachable for Easy Cleaning
  • 2 Water Purify Ion Filters
  • Far-Infrared Warm Air Dryer
  • Gentle Pulsating Cleansing
  • Occupied Seat Sensor
  • LED Night Light
  • Patented Ultra Sonic Soldering (to prevent leaking)
  • UL Approved
  • White Color Only
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty 


Does the Coco 9500 Series require electricity?
- Yes, it does.  It needs to be plugged into an existing outlet  with GFI within 4 feet of the toilet.

How do you get a warm water supply?
Coco 9500s connect only to the cold water line.  It has a tankless water heater that has a state of the art never ending hot water supply.  Water temperature and pressure is electronically regulated for consistency. 

Is a professional plumber recommended for installation? -
All Coco products are designed for experienced D.I.Y. Installation is simple as 1,2,3.   However, we recommend using a plumber just for peace of mind against any possible leaks.

Is it going to fit my toilet?
The Coco 9500RS is designed to fit MOST ROUND toilets without a curved tank.  

Older or basic toilets are round.  The inside of the round toilet bowl is usually about 11 inches around.  More modern or deluxe toilets have an elongated bowl that is about 2 inches longer than it is wide, it's a noticeable difference you can see. 

If you're still wondering, you can measure from the front of the toilet tank, to the very front of the toilet bowl.  That measurement will be about 17+ to 19 inches if the bowl is round, and 19.5 to 20+ inches if your bowl is elongated.

Toilet References.

Toilet Seat Measurements Guide, Elongated vs. Round

Elongated seat is oval shaped seats which is about 2" longer than a round bowl and often found to be more comfortable but in small bathroom, a round bowl can save space.

Toilet Type Guide, 1PC vs. 2PC

One piece toilet has the toilet housed in one complete unit where two piece toilets has a separate bowl and tank. Offered Bio Bidet seat models are designed to fit all 2 piece toilets and most of 1 piece toilets. Only exception will be rare types of one piece toilets with severe French curves where toilet tank connects to the base of toilet such as type C below.

TYPE A and B : YES , TYPE C : NO

Return Policy - Exchange or Repair Only

Bidet seats which have been installed and/or used are non-refundable due to governmental regulations pertaining to personal hygiene products.  Coco Bidet cannot accept product returns if the installation hardware kit has been opened or if other signs of use are detected.  

How to obtain service:

To obtain repair service under this warranty, you must contact an authorized Coco Bidet service center to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.  Proof of purchase in the form of a copy of your original receipt must accompany the returned unit for the warranty to be valid.  Take or ship the unit pre-paid to the closest Coco Bidet authorized service center along with your RMA number and proof of purchase.

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