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Feel Fresh Bidet

FEEL FRESH BIDET HI-1001 ELONGATED Non-Electric Toilet Seat, Twin Jet Nozzles, Cold Water Only

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FEEL FRESH HI-1001 BIDET ELONGATED Non-electric Toilet Seat, Side Panel Controls, Cold Water Only

Feel Fresh Bidet ELONGATED
HI-1001 - White - Non Electric
 NOTE: Will Fit Only Two-Piece Elongated Toilets!
Product Description:

HI-1001 Feel Fresh Bidet was made with comfort and convenience in mind! This luxury unit is Feel Fresh first Non Electric (Cold Water Only, No Seat Warmer) bidet includes a hydraulic lid and dual nozzle capability.

Feel Fresh bidets are designed to introduce you to a new world of personal comfort and family hygiene. Using the very latest in technology, Feel Fresh bidets are easy to install and include a wide range of convenient features, each designed to provide a healthier and cleaner body for all members of the family and are extremely helpful for those physically challenged. 

Simple touch-button will provide a long-awaited solution for elderly, disabled and handicapped with problems using toilet paper. Used daily, they will provide the user with a fresh, clean and healthy feeling throughout the day.

Research reveals that Bidet's help with: Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea, Rashes, Urinary Infections, Vaginitis, Surgical Patients, Cancer Patients, and Elderly.

Engineered for easy installation, Feel Fresh bidets include a convenient and attractive side panel with easy-to-use button controls. 

Separate spray nozzles serve the special needs of men and women and water pressure can be adjusted to individual needs. As an added safety factor, the unit must be in use before the retractable spray nozzles can be activated for use.

HI-1001 Feel Fresh Elongated Bidet Wash Hygiene System 


• Total Size 19" x 19" x 4 3/4" 
• Weight: 5.6 lbs
• Water Flow: Adjustable from 0 ~ 0.3 gal./ min.
• Water Supply Pressure: 10 ~ 90 PSI
• Power Source: Water Pressure / Non Electric (Cold Water Only, No Seat Warmer)
• Twin nozzles for men and women
• Adjustable water pressures
• Hydraulic "Slow Close" seat & lid for quiet closing
• All plastic is made using ABS flame and germ resistance material
• Designed and approved to meet UL Medical Device Standards for water closed seats
• Warranty: One year limited. HomeTech Industries is the leader in customer service with US facilities to meet all your service needs


Easy Non-Electric Installation. Easy to Install in less than a half-hour.

Installation kit includes: T-Connector, Hose, Slide Plate and Bolts.

 NOTE: Will Fit Only Two-Piece Elongated Toilets!

• How to determine if the toilet is elongated: 

Make sure that size is between 18" to 19.5", the length from the back seat bolt holes to the front outside edge of the toilet.

•What is two-piece toilet?: 

The tank is mounted and bolted to the bowl to form one unit.




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